Our Mission
I am so proud to be a female founder of a business that is dedicated to elevating women.  It may sound silly to think that a simple accessory can boost someones spirit and make them feel empowered and confident, but in that moment when I need a boost, not only to my wardrobe but more importantly to my mood or attitude, I turn to all things colorful and bold -- and of course a little flair. 
Rich, vibrant colors inspire my work everyday - they lift my mood and make me feel powerful and that is what I want my #flairgang to feel when they wear their O3MG designs.
Empowerment is all about confidence and fashion is an amazing tool to reflect that.  
 Whatever your taste in jewelry, there is nothing better than wearing your favorite piece to bring a whole outfit together.  Jewelry is the ultimate representation of your characteristics and personality and can offer a subtle or bold look to your style. The beauty of this accessory is that it will always 'fit'! 
I am confident that you will find a design that is just the perfect fit for you and will help #getyourflairon!
Each of our collection holds deeper meanings of confidence and power, with the aim of inspiring and empowering women to be bold! 

My three girls are my source of inspiration and the reason I want to spread confidence, style, fun and flair to all the women out there!
Thanks for browsing my design and being a part of our #flairgang!